Vente après décès

Vente après décès, de la bibliothèque de nos égorgeurs. [Rouen: s.n., 1795]. Purchased on the Henry S. Morgan Fund, 2011.

The citizens of Rouen avoided the worst excesses of the Terror during the French Revolution — the guillotine the Parisians provided for their use had been allowed to fall in disrepair — but, when the coast was clear, they turned against the extremists by throwing them in jail, driving them out of town, and mocking them in print. This burlesque catalogue of an imaginary library names the most egregious culprits such as the former mayor, author of Robert, Chief of the Bandits: A Tragedy,and a local lawyer, author of a History of the Modern Nero, “sixty volumes in folio.” No other copy of this satirical pamphlet is reported in America.

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