Symphony no. 35 in D major, K. 385 : autograph manuscript, 1782 July.

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Cary 483
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791.
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Austrian composer.
Symphony no. 35 in D major, K. 385 : autograph manuscript, 1782 July.
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Symphonies, K. 385, D major
1782 July.
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Mozart's Haffner Symphony, which was given its first public performance in Vienna on March 23, 1783 in the presence of Emperor Joseph II, originated in a commission to celebrate the ennoblement of the Salzburg patrician Sigmund Haffner (1756-1787) the previous summer. In July 1782, Mozart's father, Leopold, had written to his son in Vienna urgently requesting a new symphony for Haffner's elevation into the nobility.
In December 1782, Mozart requested the return of the manuscript from Salzburg for use in the Lenten concert he was preparing, so that he could have copies made for the performance. His father eventually complied and by mid-February 1783 the original score was back in Vienna. As Mozart wrote, "My new Haffner symphony has positively amazed me, for I had forgotten every single note of it. It must surely produce a good effect." For the public concert, he removed the opening march and one of the minuets, and increased the woodwind section.
In August 1865, this 57-page manuscript was presented as a gift by Karl Meyer Rothschild, Bavarian Consul General in Frankfurt, to King Ludwig II of Bavaria, to celebrate his twentieth birthday. It was housed in a custom built case of turquoise velvet and chased silver, which remains at the Morgan.


"Synfonia di Amadeo Wolfgango Mozart à Vien̄a nel mese di Luglio 1782."


Full score of the "Haffner" Symphony.


Johann Anton André; Julius André; Karl Mayer Rothschild; Ludwig II, king of Bavaria; Wittelsbach Trust, Munich; Max Pinette and Max Mannheim; Charles Scribner's Sons; Mary Flagler Cary; National Orchestral Association.

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André, Johann Anton, 1775-1842, former owner.
André, Julius, 1808-1880, former owner.
Rothschild, Karl Mayer, former owner.
Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, 1845-1886, former owner.
Pinette, Max, former owner.
Mannheim, Max, former owner.
Cary, Mary Flagler, former owner.