Attributed to Attributed to Johanna Helena Herolt

Herolt, Maria Sibylla Merian’s eldest daughter, was also a talented artist. She often collaborated with her mother and worked in a similar style, which can make it difficult to distinguish between the two women’s drawings. In this sheet, which brings together the plant and animal kingdoms, mice are depicted nibbling on nuts and acorns. Although the three scenes are completely discrete, the dynamic composition imbues the image with a narrative quality. The white mouse gazes directly at the viewer, which creates a sense of engagement unusual for a scientific illustration.

Attributed to Johanna Helena Herolt
German, 1668–ca. 1723
Three Mice with Walnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, and Acorns, ca. 1690–1710
Watercolor and opaque watercolor on vellum
The Morgan Library & Museum, Purchased on the Fellows Fund, with the special assistance of Mrs. Carl Stern and Mrs. Lawrence Hughes; 1979.37