Tablets inscribed with "The Exaltation of Inanna" (2 of 3)


Sidney Babcock: Facing the formidable threat of Lugalanne, Enheduanna intensifies her passionate plea to Inanna. In the end, the goddess accepts her prayers, and Enheduanna is restored to office:

Sidney Babcock: Listen to Enheduanna’s Appeal to Inanna

Nimet Habachy:

“O precious, precious Queen, beloved of heaven,

Your sublime will prevails, let it be for my restoration!

[ . . . ]

Show that you stand high as heaven

Show that you reach wide as the world

Show that you destroy all unruly lands

Show that you raise your voice to foreign countries

Show that you smash head after head,

Show that you feed on kill, like a lion,

Show that your eyes are furious,

Show that your stare is full of rage,

Show that your eyes gleam and glitter

Show that you are unyielding, that you persevere,

Show that you stand paramount,

For if Nanna said nothing, he meant, ‘Do as you will.’”

Sidney Babcock: Now listen to the Restoration of Enheduanna

Nimet Habachy:

“The almighty queen, who presides over the priestly congregation,

She accepted her prayer.

Inanna’s sublime will was for her restoration.

It was a sweet moment for her [Inanna], she was arrayed in her finest, she was beautiful beyond compare,

She was lovely as a moonbeam streaming down.

Nanna stepped forward to admire her.

Her divine mother, Ningal, joined him with her blessing,

The very doorway gave its greeting too.

What she commanded for her consecrated woman prevailed.

To you, who can destroy countries, whose cosmic powers are bestowed by Heaven.

To my queen arrayed in beauty, to Inanna be praise!”