Returning to the Homeland


Map of Lenapehoking
Used by permission of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported


Joe Baker recalls Nora’s many visits to Lenapehoking.

Joe Baker: Though Nora spent her life in Oklahoma, she made a number of trips to the East Coast, starting in the 1970s. She spoke at universities and schools, visited sites important to the Lenape, and participated in ceremonies and gatherings to raise awareness of Lenape history throughout the tri-state area. These trips east from Oklahoma by automobile, traveling thousands of miles, were challenging both physically and emotionally. Nora knew that recognizing and remaking these connections to the homeland were necessary to healing.

Nora’s visits to Lenapehoking were usually greeted with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, though occasionally she encountered indifference and even resistance. Her persistence, her dedication to being present, inspires the Lenape Center in its mission today.