Maya George, 5th grade

The Unicorn Who Lost Her Horn

My story is about a unicorn named Rainbow whose horn is stolen by an evil wizard. I illustrated my ideas by drawing the unicorns and the evil wizard. When creating my book, I enjoyed drawing the illustrations and using the special paints and gold leaf. The big idea behind my book is my love for mythical creatures especially unicorns. The emotions I tried to show in my book are fear, sadness and compassion. My goals for this book were to write an interesting story that people would want to read and learn how to illustrate the important parts of my story. My favorite part of the story is the ending when Rainbow frees Midnight and he restores her horn back. It shows how we should always show kindness and compassion to others without expecting anything in return. Rainbow freed Midnight not knowing he had healing powers and in the end, he was able to help her.

Maya George
5th grade
P.S. 29 Bardwell