Leilani Gatdula, 5th grade

The Tiny Waterbender

My manuscript, The Tiny Waterbender, is about a young girl, Kaya who has been wanting to waterbend for a long time. One day, she finally tries to, despite the fact that she wasn't allowed to.  The idea of this book was inspired by a TV show called, "Avatar: The Last Airbender," how even though there were some bumps in the road, Aang (the main character) still pushed through, just like Kaya did. The message of my story is not to give up. Even if you don't succeed, the failures will help you improve.

 It was fun to make a lot of the paints with the pigments.  It was interesting to see that ingredients like beetles could still make beautiful pigments. For example, I really liked the purple paint I made.  It was fun to illuminate my pages, using the gold leafs and the final product standed out. However, what I enjoyed mostly was the writing itself, thinking about an interesting story that I could display well with illustrations. The process of making my MBP was very fun!

Leilani Gatdula
5th grade
P.S. 178
Professor Juan Bosch