Kayla Carroll, 4th grade

A Rainy Day

Concourse Village Elementary School
I created my book by thinking of the illustrations first, then the text because I can match the words with my pictures. I find it easier to visualize first, then write. It felt really cool being an author and illustrator because then I was able to think of my own ideas by myself. Also, what I learned in the process was different things that could make up the story and make it better if I could edit and make it more interesting.

My final book was close to what I imagined. My favorite part about the Morgan Book Project was when I was painting because it makes my book POP and I loved being able to make my own paint and mix new colors.My favorite part of the story was when Rainy helped Drake when he was getting really dry because it shows that friendship is one of the best things you could ever have! I wouldn’t change anything in my book because I am so proud of my work. I believe that THIS BOOK IS PERFECT! It is exactly how I wanted it to be.