Wen Chen, 8th grade

The Life of a Butterfly

JHS 227 Edward B. Shallow
My story is about the caterpillar from birth to “butterfly moment.” In the beginning, I originally wanted a caterpillar from a baby and then to a beautiful butterfly, but I discovered that caterpillars don’t transform easily. When I create books, I like to use various paints. I use the brush as a tool to find suitable colors in order to create more beautiful pictures. I choose my words carefully so that the reader stays interested.

As far as inspiration goes, it is the butterfly itself that inspires me. Butterflies are very magical and important creatures. In my book, I tried to express the emotions I felt in painting this book – excitement and happiness. This book influences my future writing and artwork in that I want to write more about nature. My favorite part of the story is the caterpillar breaking out of its chrysalis and emerging a butterfly. It’s a spectacular process. The caterpillar is no longer ugly but a beautiful butterfly.