Katelyn Grace Pilcher, 5th grade

Guitar Artwork Inspired by Woody Guthrie: People Are the Song

Edison Park Elementary School, Chicago, IL
The tools techniques, and processes that I enjoyed were choosing colors, adding paint, and creating a final outline. I used cloud-like colors with a gold outline for the guitar. For the lyrics I chose the part of the song that I felt had a really deep meaning; even though Woody Guthrie wrote this song many years ago, it still connects to the world today. The big idea behind my artwork is to showcase the meaning behind the lyrics. I felt a lot of passion while creating my artwork. I wanted to showcase the lyrics for not only people to see them but to connect to them.

I wanted to get to know the musician, Woody Guthrie, and get to know the story behind the museum and library as well. Knowing that I earned this place in the project will help me persevere and try my best in future projects.