Elenore Weisshaar, 3rd grade

Flood Wall

Hunter College Elementary School
My story is about a flood that is heading towards a little town in Ecuador and how the people of the town defeat the flood by building a strong wall. I got inspired to write the story because we were talking about water in class and I read a book about floods. The illustrations were inspired by different books that I read. I tried to show funny emotions when the people of the town built a wall to keep the flood out and made sure that the colors were as real as possible. While painting, I learned that pictures needed to be precise to look good and I realized that drawing faces is pretty difficult. I changed the illustrations in my draft a lot, so the final book is not what I first imagined. My favorite part of the project was making the covers for the book because I got to choose beautiful paper. And my favorite part of the book was when the flood speaks to the people and says, “Uh, you know you can’t defeat water with swords, right?”