Georg Baselitz

Georg Baselitz
Big Night (Remix)
Ink and watercolor on paper.
26 x 20 1/16 inches (66 x 51 cm)
Gift of the Baselitz Family.
© 2023 Georg Baselitz

Exhibition label: The first Remix Baselitz made in 2005 was The Big Night down the Drain, based on a 1962-63 painting that provoked a scandal when first exhibited. Baselitz created multiple Remixes of that work, including this watercolor. While he had made the original "as an act of aggression," this 2008 version adopts a more cheerful, even comical, mode, incorporating Hitler's mustache, a skull, and a pair of high heels. "It was a kind of caricature," Baselitz said of the related Remix painting. "It had something frivolous about it, and it also had a very different ghostly presence, which is not at all part of the old painting."

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