Shara Hughes

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Shara Hughes
Out on the Farm
Crayon, marker, and oil pastel on paper.
15 x 11 inches (38.1 x 27.9 cm)
Gift of Morris Orden.
The artist (Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York); purchase by Morris Orden, New York (2017); gift to the Morgan (2021)

Hughes is a New York-based artist known for her use of flamboyant color in semi-abstract paintings, drawings, and prints. She is inspired by late nineteenth-century Symbolist art, which prioritized the imagination above realism, and by early twentieth-century Fauvism, which disassociated color from its descriptive function, freeing it to serve expressive means. "Out on the Farm" is a contemporary take on the traditional subject of the landscape, filtered through the visions of artists such as André Derain and Joan Miró. Hughes creates many drawings, though none are preparatory. All of her work is created through a spontaneous process directly on the page or canvas. She has described her drawings as "a run-on sentence that never ends."

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