Channa Horwitz

Channa Horwitz
Sonakinatography I Fade Out Time Structure Composition III
Pen and ink and felt-tip pen on two sheets of graph paper.
35 x 13 inches (89 x 33 cm) (each)
Gift of the Modern and Contemporary Collectors Committee, 2019.
© Channa Horwitz

Horwitz spent her career creating rigorous, but beautiful, conceptual works on paper. In her Sonakinatography drawings, she developed the idea of expressing sound (sona) and motion (kina) through two-dimensional notation and color. She once said, "As a painter, I could compose in two dimensions, as a sculptress I could compose in three dimensions, but I could not understand how musicians and dancers could compose in the fourth dimension: Time." While she considered her drawings to be her main form of expression, she also conceived them as scores that were open to interpretation by other artists. She submitted this two-part work, which presents its score both numerically and through color, as a proposal to the Laguna Beach Art Museum for a quarter-mile, eight-day installation.


Each sheet signed and dated lower right, "Channa Horwitz 1972". On 2019.100a: Written at top: "5 feet per beat for 1/4 miles - 248 beats 8 per day fade out / Every day one day fades out for 31 days. On the 31st day only the numbers + grid remain. All color is gone. / Channa Davis, 1971. Proposal to Long Beach Museum". On 2029.100b: Written at top: "5 feet per beat for 1/4 miles - 248 beats 8 per day fade out / Every day 8 beats of color disappear. On the 31st day all color is gone leaving the grid pattern + numbers. Light sensitive materials to be used. / Copyright 1971 by Channa Davis. Proposal to Long Beach Museum"

Estate of the artist (Lisson Gallery, New York).
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