Nicholas Carone

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Nicholas Carone
Oil and pencil on paper mounted on board.
19 5/8 x 26 1/8 inches (49.7 x 66.4 cm)
Estate of Nicolas Carone

Although he is associated with the postwar movement of Abstract Expressionism, Carone always retained in his art elements of the classical training he received at the National Academy of Design and during extensive stays in Italy. Drawing is integral to his practice. (In 1964 he was a founding faculty member of the New York Studio School where, for over two decades, he taught highly influential drawing classes.) Typically his work combines a sense of structure derived from Cubism with a cultivation of chance inspired by the Surrealists. After a phase of abstraction in the 1950s and early 60s--as in Untitled (1962), Carone often introduced figures into his compositions, promoting the concept of "abstraction with content." Untitled (1972) is characteristic of his approach that mixes techniques--graphite, oil painting, collage--to create lively scenes endowed with a strong sense of rhythm.
Estate number: W-2566-S.


Recto right left: Carone.

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