After William Blake

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After William Blake
"Oft bursts my song beyond the bounds of life"
Graphite and gray, blue, and red wash, on tracing paper mounted on card.
10 x 12 7/8 inches (265 x 140 mm)
Gift of Mr. Herman Cohen.
Herman Cohen, Sandy Hook, Conn.

Copy on tracing paper by an unknown copyist of William Blake's drawing illustrating Night I, page 30 (lines 448-458) of Edward Young's Night thoughts; the original drawing now in the collection of the British Museum.


Full length sketch of a figure chained at the ankle as it strives to ascend upwards, with arms raised and and a lyre held in one hand; accompanied by a tracing of another female figure, flying aloft in a trailing garment, and a partial copy of Blake's design for page 36 (lines 688-706) of Night VI of Night thoughts, inverted, showing a detail of a serpent's head and a naked male figure standing with face and arms raised heavenwards.

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Cohen, Herman, former owner.
Young, Edward, 1683-1765. Night thoughts.

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