Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins
Phenomena Wind of Blue for Gebo
Watercolor on paper.
30 1/2 x 21 7/8 inches (775 x 556 mm)
Gift of Paul and Suzanne Jenkins.
© Paul Jenkins / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

A second-generation Abstract Expressionist, Jenkins built on Jackson Pollockʼs legacy to pioneer a controlled-pouring process. By pouring watercolor directly onto paper, and controlling the movement and density of the medium by manipulating the sheet, Jenkins creates translucent veils of color. In 1960 he began to add “phenomena” to the title of all his paintings and watercolors, a practice he continues today. Of particular import, Phenomena Wind of Blue for Gebo attests to Jenkinsʼ ability to control the density of the watercolor; the sheet displays a nuanced variety of blue watercolor, from deep saturation to a gentle wash.

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