Hubert François Gravelot

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Hubert François Gravelot
"Mon heure est arrivée, on me mene a la mort" III
ca. 1768
Pen and black ink and black chalk, on blue paper; incised with the stylus.
5 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches (140 x 81 mm)
Gift of John F. Fleming.

Captioned in pen, "Mon heure est arrivée, on me mene a la mort"; signed by the artist at foot, "H. Gravelot inven."

Marie-Joseph-Colombe-Henri-Denis Beccaria de Pavie, Marquis de Fourquevaux (1762-1841), Fourquevaux, France; Emmanuel Bocher (1835-1919), Paris; Léon Olry-Roederer (1869-1932), Paris; A.S.W. Rosenbach (1876-1952), Philadelphia; John Fleming (1910-1987), New York.

Kraemer, Ruth S. "Drawings by Gravelot in the Morgan Library." Master drawings, XX (Spring 1982), p. 11, no. 30.


This design is one of four preparatory drawings by Gravelot in the Morgan's collection intended for an engraved frontispiece executed by Jean Charles Le Vasseur for Henri Panckoucke's "Lettre de don Carlos à Elisabeth" (Paris : Panckoucke et Veuve Duchesne, 1768). Don Carlos is shown seated at a table at left as the guards enter at right to take him to his execution; he holds a miniature portrait in one hand while with the other he is engaged in writing a letter with a quill. A preliminary sketch of the seated figure appears, inverted, in the upper half of the drawing. The scene is captioned in pen, "Mon heure est arrivée, on me mene a la mort" and is signed by the artist, "H. Gravelot inven." Of the four studies, two (1968.15:3-4) are closer to Le Vasseur's engraving and show Don Carlos seated at a table while he is seen standing in the other two sketches (1968.15:1-2). This suggests that the latter two may represent an earlier idea for this composition.

Associated names: 

Fourquevaux, Joseph de Beccarie de Pavie, marquis de, 1762-1841, former owner.
Bocher, Emmanuel, 1835-1919, former owner.
Olry-Roederer, Léon, 1869-1932, former owner.
Rosenbach, A. S. W. (Abraham Simon Wolf), 1876-1952, former owner.
Fleming, John F. (John Francis), 1910-1987, former owner.