Hubert François Gravelot

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Hubert François Gravelot
Murder Scene in a Palace
Graphite on paper; partially incised with the stylus.
5 5/16 x 3 3/8 inches (135 x 86 mm)
Gift of John F. Fleming.

Gravelot's design was probably intended for a book illustration, although no related publication has been identified. A woman in Turkish costume is shown brandishing a dagger as a man wearing a turban in front of her collapses or recoils against a column; another man in Roman dress restrains the woman as two male figures in Ottoman dress look on. According to Ruth Kraemer, “Figures in similar Turkish or Persian costumes are found in illustrations after Gravelot to the plays Bajazet and Esther in the 1768 edition of Racine's works (Vol.III, following p.126 and Vol. V, facing page 1.)”

Marie-Joseph-Colombe-Henri-Denis Beccaria de Pavie, Marquis de Fourquevaux (1762-1841), Fourquevaux, France; Emmanuel Bocher (1835-1919), Paris; Léon Olry-Roederer (1869-1932), Paris; A.S.W. Rosenbach (1876-1952), Philadelphia; John Fleming (1910-1987), New York.
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Fourquevaux, Joseph de Beccarie de Pavie, marquis de, 1762-1841, former owner.
Bocher, Emmanuel, 1835-1919, former owner.
Olry-Roederer, Léon, 1869-1932, former owner.
Rosenbach, A. S. W. (Abraham Simon Wolf), 1876-1952, former owner.
Fleming, John F. (John Francis), 1910-1987, former owner.


Kraemer, Ruth S. "Drawings by Gravelot in the Morgan Library." Master drawings, XX (Spring 1982), p. 14, no. 51, reproduced plate 17a.