Paul Lee

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Paul Lee
Photocopy, plastic ball, light bulb, charcoal, acrylic paint, and paper.
14 3/8 x 11 5/8 inches (365 x 295 mm)
Gift of an anonymous donor.

Paul Lee, a young British artist based in Brooklyn, creates quietly poetic works of art using basic raw materials-beer cans, light bulbs, bath towels and photographs-the end result evoking both the clarity of design found in the work of Russian constructivist El Lissitzky and the fertile allusiveness of Robert Rauschenberg's "combines" from the 1950s. In his untitled collage of 2007, Lee builds up the surface by superimposing a light bulb and a partially cut photograph atop a glowing red circle. Combining abstraction, photography, and sculptural form in a single object, Lee's collage subtly engages various modes of representation to engage the viewer's sensory perception.

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