Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth
Graphite pencil on paper.
14 x 11 inches (356 x 280 mm)
Gift of Warren Adelson and Frank Fowler in memory their friend Andrew Wyeth.

A popular painter of landscapes and portraits Andrew Wyeth developed a detailed, exacting style that relies heavily on drawings made from observation. Between 1971 and 1985 he created a large number of works inspired by one of his neighbors, Helga Testorf. The so-called 'Helga series' emerged as an important landmark in Wyeth's career. (The controversy over an alleged affair between the painter and his model added to the series' popularity.). Asleep is one of many pencil studies showing her sleeping. A beautiful example of Wyeth's manner, this intimate portrait puts great emphasis on the details of her face, while the surrounding elements -- her arm, the pillow -- are merely indicated with a few sensitive lines.

Warren Adelson, New York, and Frank Fowler, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
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