Linda Schrank

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Linda Schrank
Woven + Woven
Mixed media on paper.
26 x 26 inches (660 x 660 mm)
Gift of Jeffrey Hoffeld.

Since the beginning of her career in the late 1970s, Linda Schrank's paintings on wood and on paper have been characterized by a dominant pattern of weaving. Using handmade rubber combs rather than brushes, she applies successive layers of pigment in regular, sweeping strokes that impart her work with a strong sense of rhythm. Woven + Woven, which belongs to a series entitled To the Four Corners, exemplifies the vibrant colors and dense materiality of her works on paper, whose highly gestural style derives ultimately from Abstract Expressionism. Schrank has taught for many years at Pratt Institute's Graduate Fine Arts programs in Brooklyn and Italy.

Jeffrey Hoffeld, New York.
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