Prague School

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Prague School
The Deluge and Noah's Ark
Pen and brown ink and wash, black chalk, and opaque white watercolor on blue laid paper; verso: red chalk.
8 1/16 x 10 9/16 inches (205 x 269 mm)
The Joseph F. McCrindle Collection.
Joseph F. McCrindle, New York (McCrindle collection no. n/a).

In this drawing of the deluge and Noah's ark, white highlighting and dark washes illuminate a swath of water in which several men and animals struggle to survive the flood. Noah's ark, bathed in light from behind, floats calmly in the upper registers of the paper.
This anonymous sheet was formerly attributed by Werner Schade to the circle of Andreas Goeding; Schade felt it was created before 1625. Prior to that, it was exhibited as from the Dresden School and it entered the Joseph McCrindle Collection more generally as being created by a member of the German school circa 1600.

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