Pieter Holsteyn

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Pieter Holsteyn
A Porcupine
Opaque watercolorand watercolor with black ink on laid paper.
4 15/16 x 7 3/16 inches (126 x 182 mm)
The Joseph F. McCrindle Collection.

Pieter Holsteijn the Younger was a Dutch glass painter and engraver from Haarlem who worked also in Zwolle and Munster. He was trained by his father, Pieter Holsteijn the Elder. This charming drawing of a porcupine depicts the animal in profile facing left on a small patch of ground. The remainder of the sheet consists of a thin layer of watercolor through which the page is visible. The artist's monogram sits in the lower right-hand corner. This format was common for Holsteijn, known for his series of hundreds of bird studies recording the collection of exotic birds owned by Agnes Block (1629-1704). One drawing from this group, Study of a Crane, also depicts the subject silhouetted against a blank page facing left and is in the Morgan's collection (1985.113).


Inscribed in pen and black ink at lower right, "PH. fe.".

Joseph F. McCrindle, New York (McCrindle collection no. A1145).
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McCrindle, Joseph F., former owner.

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