Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Man Driving a Hack. Verso: A Circus Monkey, seen from behind, Wearing a Coat and Waving a Cap
Graphite on paper.
6 1/4 x 9 7/8 inches (158 x 250 mm)
Gift of Sonja Kramarsky Binkhorst in memory of Lola and Siegfried Kramarsky, and in honor of Franz Koenigs and Tine Koenigs van der Waals.

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Toulouse-Lautrec took up drawing early. A Latin-French grammar book with over 350 marginal sketches was recently on the art market, revealing his quick and clever ability with the pen even as a sixteen-year-old about to sit for his baccalaureate degree. This period, around 1880, marked the start of his formal training with his uncle, Charles de Toulouse-Lautrec, and then the artist René Princeteau, a friend of his father's and a horse enthusiast. The world of horses, hunting, and country sports is also evident in the eleven pages from a sketchbook used by the young artist in the 1880s. Rabbits, deer, dogs, horses, and hunters feature prominently, along with a few carriages, and a sheet with a slight sketch of a circus monkey hints at his abiding interest in the world of performance. A study of a riding academy and a few more extensive sketches with urban settings suggest the artist used the sketchbook when he ventured to Paris in 1882 to study with Léon Bonnat and Fernand Cormon.
On the recto of this sketchbook page, a man with a scarf and hat drives a hack. On the verso, a monkey, shown from the back, extends his hand upward, as if to wave the object he holds in the air. The monkey seems to wear a coat with horizontal detailing on the back.


Numbered in pencil at lower left corner on both recto and verso, "9". Stamped on verso “FK”
Watermark: none

Franz W. Koenigs (1881-1941), Cologne and Haarlem (Lugt S. 1023a); his daughter, Christine van der Waals-Koenigs, after May 1948; by whom given to Lola Kramarsky (1896-1991), New York; Siegfried (1893-1961) and Lola Kramarsky, New York; their daughter, Sonja Kramarsky Binkhorst, New York.
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Koenigs, Franz, former owner.
Waals-Koenigs, Christine van der, former owner.
Kramarsky, Lola, former owner.
Kramarsky, Siegfried, former owner.
Binkhorst, Sonja Kramarsky, former owner.