Ary Scheffer

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Ary Scheffer
Lénore--The Return of the Army
ca. 1834
Watercolor and gouache over black chalk on paper.
12 x 17 5/8 inches (300 x 445 mm)
Gift of DeCourcy E. McIntosh in honor of Charles E. Pierce, Jr.'s tenure as director.

Signed in pen and brown ink at lower right, A. Scheffer.

DeCourcy E. McIntosh.

Leo Ewals, Ary Scheffer, 1795-1858, Paris: Museé de la Vie Romantique, 1996, p. 34.


The present work is a full watercolor version of the painting of the same subject in Dordrecht, where Scheffer was born. The subject based on a poem by Gottfried Auguste Bürger (1747-1794) was current in the early nineteenth century and popular especially with Mme de Stäel. Almost an exact contemporary of Delacroix, Scheffer originally came to Paris from the Netherlands to study painting with possibly Prud'hon and then Guérin, and attended the École des Beaux-Arts. He made a successful career there as a history painter, eventually becoming a French citizen. Scheffer taught drawing to the children of Louis-Philippe, Duc d'Orleans for some years and when the Duc came to power the artist found himself in an influential position and received important commissions for the Musée Historique at Versailles and painted portraits of the royal family.

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McIntosh, DeCourcy E., former owner.

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