Attributed to Alessandro Vellutello

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Attributed to Alessandro Vellutello
Purgatorio, Canto XXXII. Dante, Stazio and Matilda, and a Further Female Figure (Beatrice?) Looking at the Tree of Eden; Cart Representing the Church with the Prostitute Representing the Roman Curia on it, Dragged by the Giant Representing France
Pen and brown ink on paper.
8 1/8 x 11 inches (207 x 280 mm)
Gift of Mr. H.P. Kraus.

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Watermark: none.
Formerly attributed to Italian School, 16th cent.


Inscribed by the artist, in pen and brown ink, at the center, labelling the figures, "D[ante], S[tazio], M[etelda]"; at the upper right, "Eunoe"; below this, "q[ues]to [to superscript] fiume Eunoe ha proprieta / di ricordarsi il bene"; to the right of this, "il fiume Lethe ha proprieta di / dimenticarsi il male"; below this, "Lethe"; below this, to the left, "olivo delle q[ua]le se ne corona i poeti".

J. I. Davis, London; H. P. Kraus (1907-1988), Vienna and New York, by whom presented to the Pierpont Morgan Library in 1966.
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Anonymous, Italian School, 16th cent., Formerly attributed to.
Davis, J. Irving, 1889-1967, former owner.
Kraus, Hans Peter, 1907-1988, former owner.
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, Divina Commedia.


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