Hendrik de Keyser

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Hendrik de Keyser
Self-Portrait (?) in a Hat, Seen Bust-length in Profile to the Left
Pen and brown ink, on paper; double framing line in brown ink (a thin line inscribed by the artist in the same ink as the drawing, inside a thicker dark brown line).
4 1/2 x 3 3/8 inches (116 x 85 mm), oval
Purchased on the Frits Markus Fund.

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Watermark: none.


Signed with the monogram, at lower center, in brown ink, "HDK" (in ligature). Inscribed on the verso, in brown ink: at upper center, in the hand of Ploos van Amstel, "de Key̆ser beeldhouwer"; and at lower left center, "No.[o in superscript] 266". On the verso of the old lining (now removed), at lower left, in the hand of Goll van Franckenstein, in brown ink, "N 3872."; and below this, also in brown ink, "vro(?)".

Cornelis Ploos van Amstel Jb Czn (1726-98), Amsterdam (Lugt 3002); his sale, Amsterdam, van der SchleyÖRoos, 3ff. March 1800, Album UU, lot 56: "Thomas de Keizer door hemzelven [after himself]" (to Goll van Franckenstein for 14 fl.); Jonkheer Johan Goll van Franckenstein the Younger (1756-1821), Amsterdam (his N 3872 on the verso of the former lining in brown ink; Lugt 2987); Jonkheer Pieter Hendrick Goll van Franckenstein (1787-1832), Amsterdam; his sale, Amsterdam, de Vries...Roos, 1 July 1833, Album AA, lot 19: "Hendrick de Keyzer met de pen, door hemzelven" (with lot 18 to "de Vries" for 2.25 fl.); A.W.M. Mensing (1866-1936), Amsterdam; sale, Amsterdam, Mensing & Fils (Frederik Muller & Cie), 27-9 April 1937, lot 283: "Hendrick de Keyser, portrait d'homme" (for 220 fl.); H.L. Larsen , Wassenaar; his widow, Suzanne Larsen-Menzel (later Mrs. Frank E. Brower), Beverly Hills, CA; her sale, New York, Parke-Bernet, 6 November 1947, lot 7; Eric H.L. Sexton, Rockport, ME; thence by descent to a private New England trust; sale, New York, Christie's, 24 January 2001, lot 157 (to Haboldt for $30,000); acquired from Bob P. Haboldt & Co., New York and Paris.
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Ploos van Amstel, Cornelis, 1726-1798, former owner.
Goll van Franckenstein, Johan, 1756-1821, former owner.
Goll van Franckenstein, Pieter Hendrik, 1787-1832, former owner.
Mensing, Ant. W. M., 1866-1936, former owner.
Larsen, H. L., former owner.
Larsen-Menzl, Suzanne, former owner.
Sexton, Eric H. L. (Eric Hyde Lord), 1902-1980, former owner.


Jane Shoaf Turner, with contributions by Felice Stampfle, Dutch Drawings in the Pierpont Morgan Library: Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries, New York, 2006, cat. no. 110.

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