Taddeo Zuccaro

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Taddeo Zuccaro
Group of Seven Women, One Holding a Dagger, and a Bull on a Mountain (Scene of Sacrifice?). Verso: Figure Studies (A Myriad of Small Figures and a Horseman, or Perhaps a Centaur)
ca. 1550-1560
Pen and brown ink and wash, over black chalk, on paper. Verso: Pen and brown ink and black chalk.
10 7/8 x 15 1/4 inches (278 x 388 mm)
Gift of János Scholz.

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Verso: figure sketches, in pen and brown ink, and black chalk.

Edme Durand (?) (Lugt Suppl. 841) Konstantinoff, Paris; Émile Diaz (1835-1860), Paris (Lugt 841); from whom purchased in 1948 by János Scholz (1903-1993), New York (no mark; see Lugt 2933b).

Once given to the Florentine painter Giovanni Battista Naldini, the drawing was first attributed to Taddeo Zuccaro by Philip Pouncey in 1958 (note in departmental file). John Gere dated the sheet to around 1560, but Konrad Oberhuber and Dean Walker pointed out that it might be dated slightly earlier since the subject matter and frieze-like arrangement are reminiscent of Taddeo’s designs for façades from the 1550s.1

The drawing, however, which shows a young woman bearing a dagger, guided by an older woman and accompanied by five further women, approaching a small image of a bull, remains unrelated to any known work by Taddeo Zuccaro. In the upper left corner, possibly unrelated to the main image, are two standing figures (one [a woman?] holding a shield and the other a pike) in a painting or niche, seen from below and observed by a man with his back turned to the viewer

No satisfactory explanation for the strange subject matter has been proposed. Suggestions have included an episode from the apocryphal legend of Judith of Bethulia 2 or that of Iphigenia saved from being sacrificed by the miraculous substitution of a heifer (Erwin Panofsky, letter of 1959 to Janos Scholz), an obscure bacchic ritual involving the castration of a calf by women,3 and the Egyptian myth of Io-Isis and the Bull, Apis.4 The unusual perspective and loose, thin pen line contribute to the mysterious, otherworldly quality of the drawing while the brown wash and solid forms of the high-waisted, full-hipped women ground the work in three-dimensional space.


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Watermark: none.

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Naldini, Giovanni Battista, 1537-1591, Formerly attributed to.
Durand, Edme, -1835, former owner.
Diaz, Émile, 1835-1860, former owner.
Scholz, János, former owner.

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