Ludovico Pozzoserrato (Lodewijk Toeput)

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Ludovico Pozzoserrato (Lodewijk Toeput)
approximately 1550-approximately 1604
Susanna and the Elders in an Arbor: Apocrypha, Susanna 12-64
Pen and brown ink on paper.
7 1/2 x 10 5/8 inches (190 x 270 mm)
Gift of János Scholz.

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Inscribed in brown ink, at lower corner, "... a Veneziana"; at upper left corner, in opposite direction, in a humanist hand, in dark brown ink", ·ÿsereman / 6 [?]) Z. -". On verso, at upper left corner, lettered crudely, in black chalk, "TALES D Asia / Solone D Salomino / CHILON D Lacedimonia / PHITACO D Asia Mitelena / Bias Prieneo / CLEOBOLO D GARIA / PERIANDRO D Corinth."; at right, below this, probably in the artist's hand, in brown ink, "Filosepho Tales Di Asia / Solone Di Salamino / CHilons Di Lacedimoia / PHitaco Di Asia Mitel ... / Bias Prieneo / CLEobobo Di GREcia / Periandro Di Corinth / questo fūrno li 7. sani / in Grecia"; to the left of this, in the first hand (?), in black chalk, "100 / D ... ca.e" (Ducate?).

Konstantinoff, Paris, 1948; János Scholz (no mark; see Lugt S. 2933b).

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Watermark: sun, with face and fifteen rays.