Jörg Breu the Younger

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Jörg Breu the Younger
approximately 1510-1547
Artybios on Horseback Attacking Onesilus
Pen and black ink on paper.
7 3/4 x 5 5/8 inches (198 x 141 mm)
Purchased as the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Milton McGreevy.
Inscribed in brown ink at upper center, "Nr.72".
Franz W. Koenigs, banker, Cologne and Haarlem (1881-1941; Lugt S. 1023a); Mrs. A.K.M. Boerlage-Koenigs; sale, London, Sotheby's, 26 June 1969, lot 74, repr.; Paul Drey Gallery, New York.

Watermark: none.
A drawing of the same subject by Jörg Breu the Younger is in the collection of the Morgan (acc. no. 1978.38).
The source of the scene depicted is Herodotus 5.111-13. Jörg Breu could have known the passage from a German translation of Herodotus, published in Augsburg in 1535--Cf. Schneider.
This drawing was formerly attributed to the Nuremberg artist Virgil Solis (1514-1562 Nuremberg), on account of the later - albeit false - monogram it bears. Yet the style and handling, in particular the razor-sharp pen line, differ from Solis's known works and are so similar to a series of drawings depicting rulers by Breu that it seems more likely that the work is by Breu instead, and it served as the model for 1978.38.