Pieter de Jode

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Pieter de Jode
Design for a Salver with the Story of Cupid and Psyche
Pen and brown ink and wash, over black chalk, on paper. The center oval is a separate piece of paper, laid down on an octagonal sheet now visible only at the verso; the narrow oval border joined at the lower center, its inner edge corresponding to the outline of he center oval, is attached to the octagonal sheet so that, on the recto, the whole appears as one complete oval.
Entire design: 11 11/16 x 15 1/2 inches (297 x 394 mm); central oval: 7 1/8 x 10 7/8 inches (182 x 279 mm); width of border: 2 1/4 inches (59 mm)
Purchased on the Edwin H. Herzog Fund.

Watermark: none.


Inscribed on verso, at center, probably by the artist, in red chalk, "pieter de jode"; at upper right, by another hand, in red chalk, "geb...160..."(almost illegible); above, at upper right, by a third hand, in red chalk, "F 22-12"; left of center, by a fourth hand, in graphite, "Graef. / geb Antw 1602 / f L(?)"; at lower left, by Ploos van Amstel, in brown ink, "Petrus de Jode f. / hoag 11 1/2 dm / br 15 1/2 dm / f L (?)"; below this, by a sixth hand, in brown ink, "p: st [jt?]". On border, at lower left, by a seventh hand, in brown ink, "20".

I. Walraven, Amsterdam; his sale, Amsterdam, Hendrick de Winter & Jan Yver, 14 and days following October 1765, Album H, lot 441 ("Een Hemelraad de Goden, een Ovaal formaat, om dezelve een randgetekend met de Pen en gewassen met Inkt"; with lots 442 and 443, to Van der Marck for Fl. 10); Johan van der Marck Aegzn., Amsterdam; his sale, Amsterdam, Hendrick de Winter & Jan Yver, 29 November 1773, Album R, lot 1597 ("Een Hemel-raad der Gooden, waar voor Venus en Cupid verschynen, met meer Beelden en andere Ordinantien rondom; met de Pen en Oostind. Inkt gewassen, dienende tot een model van een gedreven Schotel"; with lot 1598, to Cornelis Ploos van Amstel for Fl. 1.10); Cornelis Ploos van Amstel, Amsterdam; his sale, Amsterdam, P. van der Schley, 3 March and days following, 1800, Album G. lot 41 ("Een Goden-Gezelschap ... door P. de Jode"; to de Lelij for Fl. 10); de Lelij.
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Walraven, I., former owner.
Marck, Johan van der, 1707-1772, former owner.
Ploos van Amstel, Cornelis, 1726-1798, former owner.
Schley, P. van der, former owner.
De Lelij, former owner.


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