Italian School

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Italian School
16th century
A Fantastic Winged Sea-Horse
ca. 1540-1550
Red chalk on paper.
4 7/16 x 7 7/16 inches (112 x 190 mm)
Gift of Janos Scholz.

Watermark: none.
Anonymous, Italian School, 16th cent., possibly Marco Pino.
Fomer attributions include Perino del Vaga (1501-1547); Francesco Salviati (1510-1563); Luzio Luzzi, called Luzio Romano (documented 1519-1582); Marco Pino (ca. 1525-ca. 1587).
The drawing may be related to a study on the verso of a sheet by Perino del Vaga (1500-1546), formerly in the Grahl collection.

August Grahl, Dresden (1791-1868; Lugt 1199); André Marmier, Geneva; from whom purchased in 1950 by Janos Scholz, New York (no mark; see Lugt S. 2933b).
Associated names: 

Perino, del Vaga, 1500 or 1501-1547, Formerly attributed to.
Salviati, Francesco, 1510-1563, Formerly attributed to.
Pino, Marco, approximately 1525-approximately 1587, Possible attribution.
Grahl, August, 1791-1868, former owner.
Marmier, André, former owner.
Scholz, János, former owner.


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