Cherubino Alberti

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Cherubino Alberti
Justice and Fortitude Flanking the Arms of Pope Clement VIII
Pen and brown ink and wash, over black chalk, on paper.
Diameter: 8 7/8 inches (225 mm)
Gift of János Scholz.

Inscribed on verso of lining, in pen and brown ink, "Cav Bernini [stricken through] / Cherubino Alberti nella Sala Clementina al Vaticano"; in graphite, "Tafel 26 / Coll. H. Voss / published: Die Spätren. in Rom u. Florenz / Die Zeich der Spätren / N.Y. 1956 (Komor)".

Armand Franc̜ois Louis de Mestral de Saint-Saphorin (1738-1805), Switzerland; Hermann Voss (1884-1969), Berlin; Mark Komor (Lugt 1882a; his mark on verso: blue MK ligated in a circle), from whom purchased in 1956 by János Scholz (1903-1993), New York (see Lugt Suppl. 2933b).

The putto in the drawing is seated on a globe decorated with short-hand notations of the stars and the diagonal band which constitute the Aldobrandini coat of arms. In all likelihood, the drawing is an early study for the decoration of the Sala Clementina in the Vatican Palace, executed ca. 1596-98 by the brothers Cherubino and Giovanni (1558-1601) Alberti for Pope Clement VIII Aldobrandini. This feat of illusionistic painting, prefiguring the Baroque, is considered their most important work.

Variants of this drawn design were used for the northeast and southwest corners of the fresco. In the former a putto, his head almost completely disappearing in the papal tiara, stands atop the Aldobrandini coat of arms, supported by two male figures, seated on a fictive cornice. In the second, the coat of arms is supported by standing putti. The female allegorical figures of the drawing occur in the fresco as female figures standing on the cornice.

Numerous preparatory studies by Cherubino and Giovanni for the Sala Clementina are known, one at the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica in Rome (Rome 1983-84, nos. 20-32), and also the Reclining Male Nude Holding the Raguly Band form the Aldobrandini Coat of Arms in the Philadelphia Museum of Art (inv. no. 1977-271-1). Comparable in style is a drawing of the Virgin in Glory supported by Putti in the Louvre, given to Cherubino by Pouncey but later published by Françoise Viatte as by Giovanni Alberti on the basis of a comparison to a drawing given by Hermann-Fiore to the latter (inv. 12598; Viatte 1988, no. 4).


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Watermark: none.

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Voss, Hermann, 1884-1969, former owner.
Komor, Mark, former owner.
Scholz, János, former owner.

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