Anthonie Waterloo

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Anthonie Waterloo
Woodland Scene with a Duck Hunter
Black chalk, point of brush and black and gray washes, on paper; framing line in brown ink.
16 1/16 x 25 1/8 inches (408 x 640 mm)
Purchased as the gift of Alice Tully.

Watermark: none visible through lining.


Inscribed on the verso of the lining at lower left, in black ink, "Coll. J. Werneck Frankfurt a M".

J. Werneck (d. 1893), Frankfurt-am-Main (Lugt 2561); possibly sale [M.-A.J. van Eyndhoven and J. Werneck], Amsterdam, Frederik Muller and Co., 23 May-5 June 1885, lot 327: "A. Waterloo. Vue d'une forêt. Dessin capital à la pierre noire et à l'encre de Chine.-H. 44 L. 64 cent." (to "Amsler and Ruthardt, Berlin," for 10 fl.); C.G. Boerner, Düsseldorf; W. von Wenz; acquired from R.M. Light and Co., Boston.
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Werneck, J., -1893, former owner.
Wenz, W. von, former owner.
Tully, Alice, 1902-1993, donor.


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