Adriaen van Ostade

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Adriaen van Ostade
Small Girl Playing with a Baby in the Arms of its Mother
Pen and brown ink, watercolor in varying shades of black, gray, orange, red, green, blue, violet, and pink, with some opaque white, on paper; framing line in brown ink.
3 1/2 x 2 11/16 inches (90 x 69 mm)
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) in 1909.
I, 131

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Signed at the lower right, in brown ink, "Av.(in ligature) ostade".
Inscribed on the verso, at lower left, in the hand of Goll van Franckenstein, in brown ink, "N 3504"; below t this, in another hand, also in brown ink, "CJ Nieuwenhuys 1840"; at lower left corner, in still another hand, in black ink, "No.["o" in superscript] 39-" [crossed out]; and at center (upside down), in graphite, "49".
Watermark: Arms of Amsterdam, fragment (similar to Heawood, no. 429 or 365: 1665 or Amsterdam, 1685).

Pieter Testas de Jonge (1702-84), Amsterdam; his sale, Amsterdam, de Leth, 29 March 1757, Album D, lot 147 (for 80 fl.); Abraham van Broyel (d. 1759 or before), Amsterdam; his sale, Amsterdam, de Leth, 30 October 1759, lot 236; Daniel Marsbag [or Marsberg] (d. 1775 or before); his sale, Amsterdam, Ploos...IJver, 30ff. October 1775, Album D, lot 258 (to "IJver" [i.e. bought in] for 36.10 fl.); Jonkheer Johann Goll van Franckenstein the Elder (1722-85), Amsterdam; his son Jonkheer Johan Goll van Franckenstein the Younger (1756-1821), Amsterdam (his "N 3504" in brown ink on the verso; Lugt 2987); his son Jonkheer Pieter Hendrick Goll van Franckenstein (1787-1832), Amsterdam; his sale, Amsterdam, de Vries...Roos, 1 July 1833, Album F, lot 11 (to Claussin for 470 fl.); Chevalier Ignace-Joseph de Claussin (1766-1844), Paris and London (no mark; see Lugt 485); C.J. Nieuwenhuys (1799-1883), Brussels, Belgium, and Oxford Lodge, Wimbledon, England; Robert Stayner Holford (1808-92), London and Westonbirt, Gloucestershire (Lugt 2243); his sale, London, Christie's, 11-14 July 1893, lot 656 (to Salting for £68.0.0); George Salting (1835-1909), London (no mark; see Lugt 2260); Charles Fairfax Murray (1849-1919), London and Florence; from whom purchased through Galerie Alexandre Imbert, Rome, in 1909 by Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), New York (no mark; see Lugt 1509); his son, J. P. Morgan, Jr. (1867-1943), New York.

Collection J. Pierpont Morgan : Drawings by the Old Masters Formed by C. Fairfax Murray. London : Privately printed, 1905-1912, I, 131, repr.
Jane Shoaf Turner, with contributions by Felice Stampfle, Dutch Drawings in the Pierpont Morgan Library: Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries, New York, 2006, cat. no. 192.

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Testas de Jonge, Pieter, 1702-1784, former owner.
Broyel, Abraham van, d. ca. 1759, former owner.
Marsbag, Daniel, d. ca. 1775, former owner.
Goll van Franckenstein, J. (Johann), 1722-1785, former owner.
Goll van Franckenstein, Johan, 1756-1821, former owner.
Goll van Franckenstein, Pieter Hendrik, 1787-1832, former owner.
Claussin, Ignace-Joseph de, 1795-1844, former owner.
Nieuwenhuys, C. J., 1799-1883, former owner.
Holford, Robert Stayner, 1808-1892, former owner.
Murray, Charles Fairfax, 1849-1919, former owner.
Morgan, John Pierpont, 1837-1913, former owner.

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