April 17, 1898, page 2–3

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Beatrix Potter

Autograph letter signed, Sidmouth, to Noel Moore, April 17, 1898

April 17, 1898

Gift of Colonel David McC. McKell, 1959

MA 2009.4

One of Potter's last publications, The Tale of Little Pig Robinson (1930), contains story ideas that first appeared in her picture letters of the 1890s. This picture letter is noteworthy for its fine illustrations and the curious account of the dog Stumpy, pensioned off for life by his grateful owner. Stumpy and his trust fund remained in the back of the mind of the author, who transcribed some details of the letter almost word-for-word in the published version.


nests in the thatch, and a pussy-cat sitting in every doorway. Indeed the cottages are so little, I think they must have been meant for cats and dogs!

My brother sleeps in a cottage belonging to a dog called "Stumpy", such a fine solemn brown-and white dog. He sits on a little mat on the grass plot, and when I go in he gives me a large white paw but he doesn't wag his tail. He is such a polite grave gentleman