“To ——, p. 4

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Anne Brontë

To Cowper and other poems : autograph manuscript of 9 poems, signed, 1842–1845

Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1900

MA 28

“To ——” (pp. 4–6)

Dated December 1842, when Brontë was twenty-two. Not included in Poems (1846); first published in Ada May Harrison and Derek Stanford, Anne Brontë: Her Life and Work (London: Methuen & Co., 1959). Poem 20 in Chitham (1979).


   To ———

I will not mourn thee, lovely one,
   Though thou art torn away.
They ’Tis said that if the morning sun
   Arize with dazzling ray

And shed a bright and burning beam,
   Athwart the glittering main,
Erre noon shall fade that laughing gleam,
   Engulphed in clouds and rain;

And if thy life as transient proved
   It hath been full as bright,
For thou wert hopeful and beloved,
   Thy spirit knew no blight.

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