Restoration of J. Pierpont Morgan's Library: Pigeon Abatement

What is one of the biggest challenges for a building in the wilds of New York City? The fearless New York City pigeon! Just like us, pigeons love the loggia of our J. Pierpont Morgan Library building.

Over the years, pigeons have nested in our loggia, leaving their mess behind for us to clean up. A part of our restoration project entails cleaning pigeon traces and a comprehensive pigeon abatement strategy. In this video, John Pace, President of Birdmaster, discusses their work in developing a pigeon abatement system for our building. As he explains, pigeons are territorial creatures and the pigeons, passing their nests down from one generation to the next. The pigeons who have been squatting in the loggia are descendent of the original pigeons from 1906.

The pigeon abatement system is designed to keep the pigeons off the building while not interfering with the architecture. The nearly invisible system will deter the pigeons from roosting in our loggia while keeping our newly restored building clean.

Though we’ve evicted these pigeons, they will be okay. Pigeons in New York City are happy and healthy with lots of options for new housing throughout the city.