Morgan's Bibles: Splendor in Scripture

Jesse R. Erickson, Astor Curator of Printed Books & Bindings, and John Bidwell, Curator Emeritus, discuss the Bible as a cornerstone of religion, art, and literature in the western world. In this exhibition Morgan's Bibles: Splendor in Scripture, the curators examine Pierpont Morgan's religious convictions as expressed through his collecting interests in archaeological artifacts, illuminated manuscripts, early printed books, decorative arts, and master drawings. This exhibition includes masterpieces in each of these mediums, including a cuneiform tablet with the deluge story, the earliest surviving first five verses of the Septuagint Genesis, the Lindau Gospels treasure binding, the Golden Gospels of Henry VIII, the Gutenberg Bible, Rubens drawings, and Rembrandt prints. Viewed as an ensemble, Morgan's collection was an inspirational accomplishment predicated on the historical importance and artistic excellence of his books.

Morgan's Bibles: Splendor in Scripture is open to the public through January 21, 2024.

Video by SandenWolff.