Man astride eagle over sheep dogs, shepherds, and ram and sheep

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between 2340 B.C. and 2150 B.C.
black serpentine
36.5 x 28 (26) mm
Morgan Seal 236
Acquired by Pierpont Morgan sometime between 1885 and 1908.

"Seal 236 probably illustrates the myth of Etana, the shepherd king who flew to heaven on the back of an eagle to obtain the plant of birth for his childless wife." Porada, CANES, p. 29


Man astride eagle in sky over two sitting sheep dogs, shepherd standing behind each dog; shepherd at left holding whip and pail, shepherd at right resting on stick and followed by ram and three sheep -- Above this group, crisscrossed rectangle and two men, each on one knee, with large vessel between them -- In sky, crescent, small vessel, and large vase (beside eagle).