Cottage with a White Paling

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Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
Cottage with a White Paling
Etching and drypoint on paper.
130 x 158 mm
RvR 327
NHD 246, III
Karl Eduard von Liphart (1808-1891), Dorpat, Bonn and Florence; Edward Smith, Jr. (2nd half of 19th century), London; Theodore Irwin (1827-1902), Oswego, New York; from whom purchased by J. Pierpont Morgan in 1900.
White, Christopher. Rembrandt as an etcher : a study of the artist at work. New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 1999, no. 317.

Signed and dated, "Rembrandt f 1648".
Watermark: Fragment, indecipherable, possibly similar to RvR 326


Date added. (White and Boon)
Margins of 1-2.5 mm at the bottom and the right side; while trimmed within the platemark at the top and the left side.
One of two impressions of state III in the Library (see RvR 328).
Preparatory drawing (168 x 252 mm) in Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam [Christopher White, 1999, no. 317], described by Benesch as a copy after a lost original [see "Burlington Magazine", 1968 (cx) p. 393]. (White and Boon, [modified])
The date (?) has been variously read as 1642 or 1652. For the reading of 1648, see "Burlington Magazine", 1968 (cx) p. 390.
The rising grounds in the distance to the left as well as the paling below the windmill have been shaded.