The Hundred Guilder Print

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Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
The Hundred Guilder Print
ca. 1648
Etching, engraving and drypoint on paper.
283 x 395 mm
RvR 116
NHD 239, II
Hermann Weber (1817-1854), Bonn; Alfred Hubert (d. 1908), Paris; M.D. [L.1862 d]; Otto Gerstenberg (1848-1935), Berlin; purchased from Elisabeth Achelis, April 1925.

Watermark: None.
Matthew 19.
Early impression with pronounced drypoint tone carefully inked.
In this impression on a Japanese paper that is very warm in tone, the dramatic contrast between the more open areas at the left and the dense velvety shadows at the right is particularly strong. The plate has been carefully inked so that such elements of the background as the rocky promontory, which gives greater prominence to the figure of Christ, do not read too distinctly, but only partly emerge from the shadow which envelops them. This painterly handling of the background form is characteristic of most fine impressions. (Boston 1969, no. 13)
Margins 3.2 mm