Minding the Time: New Dialogues with Old Master Drawings

Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 4–7 pm

Free admission, online reservations requested.

A symposium organized by the Morgan Drawing Institute in collaboration with The Drawing Center

Alexander Nagel, The Tenses of Drawing
Steffani Jemison, Plant You Now, Dig You Later
Katie Anania, “Like a Glowing Worm”: Carolee Schneemann, Leo Steinberg, and Pontormo
Lorenzo Clayton and Timothy Corbett, Preparations for the Divine: Sketching Practice as Moving Meditation
Brett Littman, How Does The Drawing Center Make History Present?
Richard Tuttle, Is the line / fulmination?
Nova Benway,
Panel Moderator

How does looking at a drawing—an inherently portable art object—change the way we experience time and history? Which histories endure and which are lost? This theory-and-practice symposium will feature artists and art historians who are engaging with Old Master drawings and prints in innovative ways, using their portability as a model for re-thinking history. Speakers include Steffani Jemison, visual artist; Alexander Nagel, Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of Fine Arts, New York University; Lorenzo Clayton, professor emeritus of printmaking at The Cooper Union; Timothy Corbett, designer; Brett Littman, Executive Director of The Drawing Center; and Katie Anania, postdoctoral fellow, the Morgan Drawing Institute.

Following the presentations, Nova Benway, Assistant Curator at The Drawing Center, will moderate a panel discussion with the speakers.

Paolo Farinati (1524-1606), Two Kneeling Shepherds, for an Adoration,1566. Gift of János Scholz. The Morgan Library & Museum.

Please call (212) 685-0008 ext. 560 or e-mail tickets@themorgan.org for information.