The word eater .

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Thomas Rowlandson
The word eater .
Peel 3361
[London] : Pubd. Dec. 30th 1788, by S. Fores No. 3 Piccadilly, [1788]
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Title etched below image.
Attributed to Rowlandson in the British Museum catalogue (BM Satires).
Five lines of text below title: Advertisment extraordinary. This is to inform the public ...
A political parody of advertisements of the day for exhibitions given by "The original stone eater", who allegedly ate and swallowed stones to the amazement of his audience.


"Fox stands in the House of Commons, making a speech; in his right hand he holds out a paper: 'Speech on the 'Rights of the P--'; in his left is an 'Explanation of that Speech'. He faces the table on which are piled large folios: 'Statutes at Large', 'Magna Charta', 'Principles of the Constitution', 'Rights of the People'. He says, "all these I'll devour next". Behind him on the ground are two open books: 'Jus Divinum of Kings' and 'Principles of Toryism &c.' The benches behind him are packed with intent listeners, some dismayed, some admiring. North, a bandage over his eyes, sits on the extreme right, next him is Burke. The end of the gallery (left) is visible; listeners hang over to watch Fox."--British Museum online catalogue.

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