War of posts / T. Colley fec.

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Thomas Colley
active 1780-1783
War of posts / T. Colley fec.
Peel 3220
London : Pubd. by W Richardson, No. 68 High Holborn London, May 1, 1782.
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Library's copy closely trimmed within plate mark.


The new ministry of Keppel, Conway, Burke, Fox and Richmond (together with Pitt the Younger) is depicted on the left riding small posts like hobby-horses, their identities indicated by numbers with a corresponding key beneath the design. On the right the members of the old ministry (Sandwich, Amherst, North and Mansfield) are shown entering the jaws of Hell, prodded by the Devil with a pitchfork. In the center is a dome on 5 pillars, the temple of the Constitution; in the background at right stands a gallows hung with three corpses labeled "An English sec.", "A Scotch sec." and "An Irish sec."; in the background at left is a man being flogged in a pillory labeled "Thirteen stripes".