Effects of the dog tax / [I. Cruikshank].

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Isaac Cruikshank
Effects of the dog tax / [I. Cruikshank].
image: 340 x 230 mm; sheet: 351 x 248 mm
Peel 2930
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Library's copy trimmed to within plate mark.


Ministerial dogs, their collars inscribed 'GR', stand under a gibbet from which dangle three dogs wearing bonnets-rouges (these have been coloured blue and buff). All have human faces. The dogs on the gibbet, whose cross-piece is inscribed 'Tria juncta in uno', are Sheridan (left), Fox (with a fox's brush), and Stanhope (right) whose back is to the other two. Above is the inscription 'Not worth the tax'. Below the others is the inscription 'Good dogs paid for'. On the extreme left is Pitt, his profile grossly caricatured, who is chained to the '[T]reasury' kennel, from which he is looking. Portland looks up at the victims, next is Loughborough wearing his Chancellor's wig, and Burke who looks defiant. Facing him is Grenville and on the extreme right is Dundas, his fore-paws on the post of the gibbet looking up. Beside the gibbet is a large thistle. Beneath the title: 'Budgets & Loans so thick we see And Taxes press so hard Sir That Poor John Bull can't pay the Fee For Dogs his only Guard And tho' near empty Johnnys purse Yet cruel 'tis to say sir For R------l [Royal] Dogs which are his curse Poor Johnny's made to pay Sir'

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