Give a dog an ill name, they'll hang him / IC.

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Isaac Cruikshank
Give a dog an ill name, they'll hang him / IC.
etching, hand colored
image: 362 x 251 mm; sheet: 405 x 280 mm
Peel 2444
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Following imprint: Folios of Carecatures Lent out for the Evening.


Fox and Sheridan kneel on a rope attached to the neck of a mangy dog with the head of Pitt. The rope, inscribed 'Vox Popula' [sic], runs over a pulley attached to a gibbet, from which Pitt is suspended. The upright of the gibbet is National support, the horizontal 'Excise Office', and a cross-beam forming a triangle with the other two is 'Cross Post'. Pitt's head is much caricatured, his body is almost bare and his tail hairless; to each hind leg is tied a bottle, one: 'Sherry', labelled 'additional Duty', the other: 'Port', labelled 'New Duty'. On the ground (left) a dog with the head of Dundas, a tartan across his shoulders and a kettle inscribed 'not my Dog' tied to his tail, runs off in the direction of a signpost pointing 'To Edinburgh'. Sheridan (left), who is well dressed, says, "A good way to save the Duty". Fox wears a waistcoat with a tattered shirt and breeches, but has a neatly powdered wig. He says: "I suppose he catch'd the Mange from the Dun Dog". Cf. British Museum online catalog.

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