Sir Richard Worse-than-sly, exposing his wifes bottom, o fye!

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James Gillray
Sir Richard Worse-than-sly, exposing his wifes bottom, o fye!
etching, hand colored
image: 304 x 240 mm; plate mark: 349 x 252 mm; sheet: 375 x 274 mm
Peel 2360
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

By James Gillray.
Satire on the public scandal surrounding a suit for damages brought by Sir Worsley against Captain Bisset, the former charging the latter with having had "criminal converation" with his wife, Lady Seymour Worsley.


Print shows the interior of a room in the floor of which is sunk a circular bath. Lady Worsley, holding a little drapery, steps into it. Through a window high in the wall behind her (left) appear the head and shoulders of Captain Bisset. Outside the building (left) Sir R. Worsley stoops down, his back to the wall, to support Bissett, who stands on his shoulders. Worsley, in cockaded hat and regimentals, looks towards the spectator, saying, "My Yoke is Easy & my Burden Light". Bisset is saying, "Charming View of the Back Settlements Sr Richard". On the farther side of the bath (right) stands a maid-servant of attractive appearance, holding her mistress's clothes; she holds up her right hand saying, "Good lack! My Lady the Captn will see all for Nothing". On the back wall is nailed a 'Map of the Isle of Wight'.

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