A uniform Whig

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James Gillray
A uniform Whig
[London] : Pubd. Novr. 16th 1791, by H. Humphrey, No. 18 Old Bond Street, [1791]
image: 263 x 173 mm; plate mark: 277 x 174 mm; sheet: 276 x 175 mm
Peel 2335
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

By James Gillray.
Below caption title: "I preserve consistency, by varying my means to secure the unity of my end."
Copy trimmed within plate mark.


A full length portrait of Burke, his right arm resting on pedestal inscribed 'G.R' which supports a bust of George III. In his right hand is a book: 'Burke on the French Revolution'. His left arm hangs by his side, in his left hand are the staff and cap of 'Liberty'. The right half of his dress is whole, the coat gold-laced, the pockets brimming over with coins. The left half is ragged, his empty pocket hangs inside out. In the background is a mountain, evidently Parnassus, crowned with a windmill on one sail of which Fame is precariously poised.

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